In 1958, Dana Webb had the very special honor of having WIRE's longtime morning man, "Uncle" Wally Nerhling broadcast from his birthday party.  Uncle Wally was famous for reading the Sunday funny papers on WIRE.  It started during a newspaper strike, and proved so popular that it remained a mainstay of WIRE in the pre-country music years.  Uncle Wally hosted mornings on WIRE for over 3 decades and generations of Hoosiers grew up listening to him.  He remained with WIRE even after the change to country in 1968, hosting weekend shows and serving as Public Service Director.
Dana Webb went on to become a personality at WIRE in the '70's and 80's.  
Enjoy this audio clip of Uncle Wally and the 8mm film of Uncle Wally courtesy of Dana Webb.
Thanks to all who braved the stormy night to come to Scotty's Brewhouse in Downtown Indy on the night of September 10, 2014.  It was a good time and definitely great to see so many folks for the first time in years.  Here are some photos.  Please send me ones that you took if you were there and they will be added to the collection.  Special thanks to Don Nelson, Doug Dahlgren, and Lee Shannon for making long trips to join the party.